thoughtfulness is alive!

Sometimes I long for the days of yore, where snail mail and letters were the norm. I love pretty stationery, receiving snail mail, having something to touch and feel and hold up, as I read real handwriting. I also love sending snail mail - and luckily enough have a bunch of girlfriends that share these little joys despite living in the world of email and SMS. I've been pretty morose the last 6 weeks, and this whole being injured and debilitated has ensured, due to my extreme luckiness, a constant supply of love - flowers, cards, visits and food deliveries! All of it has been insanely wonderful and kept my chin up during most of the darkest moments.

I'd like to share with you though, one kindness that has left my jaw agape even more than the others. One day last week, I was about to tear my hair out in discouragement over recovery, and I received this in the mail.

Paper Exploits Stationery

Kelly of Paper Exploits had sent this gorgeous, handmade Get Well Card from her stable of great stationery. What stunned me most was the attention to detail:

Paper exploits - pretty stationery

Paper exploits - stationery

Paper Exploits - stationery

Paper Exploits - get well card

And of course, a gorgeous message of well wishes on the back.

What I love so much about this can be condensed into 2 of my passions - living well, and championing wonderful small biz owners. Kelly is a fine example of someone who combines the both, an immensely capable and intelligent young lady who grabs life by its horns, is ambitious, thoughtful and kind (I have no idea what I've ever done for her to warrant such a lovely gesture!) - but also takes those ethics and values right into her business. I'm the kind of consumer who loves supporting people like this, because I know inevitably, the service and personal joy it would bring is unsurmountable.

Go check more of Kelly out at her little blog/site/store, Paper Exploits. Buy yourself something pretty and in doing so, make someone else's day with some thoughtful snail mail and also support an incredible lady!