we did it!

So Zee and I decided sometime earlier this year that perhaps it was time to do a performance again (our last one was in 2007!). It's a little bit hard though - Zee lives in Singapore and me in sunny Melbourne, which makes rehearsing commute a tiny bit difficult. So he decided to fly up here for a week. And then I tore my ankle ligament the week before he arrived! Yayy!

So with a total of just 16 hours choreography and rehearsal time, Zee and I met up in Bangalore for the 5th International India Salsa Congress a couple of weekends ago and performed it! We were pretty nervous - what with my ankle not being entirely stable and not having had much time to train, and we're pretty happy with the result!

We'll also be performing this routine at the Sydney Salsa Congress in 2011! We are sure by then it'll be fantastic, with stable ankle, GREAT spine (positive thinking), high heels and a bit more practice! Click the link below to watch the video and tell us what you think!