for a start.

After a long hiatus in writing, I figured I should start with something I feel so passionately about.

I am very strongly against abuse - an abusive relationship doesn't have to be romantic, nor does it have to have physical aggression, to be dangerous and harmful. Every time I witness any kind of power imbalance, disrespect, or contempt between 2 people, I want to show the victim this, because that is a kind of abuse as well. 

Contempt and disrespect cannot be a part of any successful relationship - professional, social, or romantic. The worst thing is, that so many victims excuse away poor behaviour with, "Oh, but there's so many GOOD things about this person at other times." 

That is a very poor reason for someone to treat another human being poorly. 

A few years ago, I made a decision to only make time for people who held similar values to me, and who never disrespected other human beings. It was the best life, business, and romantic decision I have ever made. I urge everyone else to uphold the people in their lives to similar standards, because the more we tolerate poor behaviour in society, the more rampant it becomes. 

Like poop has no business being in our milkshakes, there should NEVER be any leeway for people to treat others with contempt. I find that in my coaching business, I am often found helping others to relinquish bad relationships, and understand their value better so others can't take advantage of it. 

I found this perusing a forum I like to read. I could have favourited this posters answer a million times. Instead, I'm sharing it here. I hope you like it.