Even though I've lived in Australia for over 12 years now, my heart has always stayed firmly in my roots in Singapore, my country of origin. Today, Singapore turns 48, and it's somewhat INCREDIBLE, all that it's achieved from independence in such a short period. Every time I visit home, I get to revel in amazing food & family, get immersed in rich culture, rejoice in the interracial city's quirks and vibrance, partake in some of the best shopping in the world, and marvel at technological and infrastructure advancements. Singapore, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and thank you for letting me call you home. Thank you for the wonderful education you gave me, thank you for being a 1st world country against many odds, and thank you for ensuring a cosmopolitan city whilst preserving heritage. Every Singaporean should be proud of what we have been so lucky to live, and experience. via Sharon Pakir