A Guide to Beating the Fears That Are Holding You Back : zenhabits

It's competition season at Spin City Dance, and in the months leading up to the Salsa Solo Australia & International, I get to coach countless teams, couples, and soloists to be ready to compete at one of Australia's largest latin dance competitions. I am privileged to watch as trepidation and fear transform on stage into exuded cool, slick moves and awesome stage presence each time, as my heart swells with pride. Part of my work in coaching competitors is about addressing fear, and harnessing it for greater results in performance. Here's a great read on fear, and how to overcome it. #successcoaching http://zenhabits.net/a-guide-to-beating-the-fears-that-are-holding-you-back/ via Sharon Pakir http://zenhabits.net/a-guide-to-beating-the-fears-that-are-holding-you-back/