Achieving Without Goals : zenhabits

I was having a conversation last week with a friend about how I'm not really "goal-oriented". I love the process, and I realised a long time ago that being goal oriented made me miserable - it was often unrealistic, focussing on the end result without joy in the process, and not productive in terms of the negative self-talk it created in me. Having said that, I would call myself a person who is dedicated to high achieving results on a daily basis, which I see as totally different. I think I attain achievement through principles I stick by, which are (to my mind) more an ongoing discipline, and more of a "life method" than simply sticking to single goals.

This article sums it up perfectly, and I hope you enjoy the read! Are you a goal-oriented person? Or do you achieve with principles? Or do you just love the process and let life take you where it sees fit? Achieving Without Goals : zenhabits
via Sharon Pakir