the big switcheroo - update

I was a reluctant Apple to Samsung switcher about 6 weeks ago - I jumped to the Samsung Note 2 after years of being on the "Apple ecosystem". I still keep and stand by my iPad and MacBook Pro, but changed just phone.After 3 weeks of using both the Samsung Note 2 and the iPhone 5, I ultimately decided to use the Samsung exclusively. Here's my report:

Things I LOVE about the Samsung:

  • Amazing camera. Even better than iPhone 5. I swoon for this camera as a snap happy person.
  • Mighty Text app which syncs my SMSes to my laptop and allows me to reply from my laptop. TRUE game changer.
  • Larger screen I can no longer live without.
  • Swiftkey / Swype typing ... going back to the iPhone for typing feels SLOW.
  • Hated the "back" button but now love it.
  • Widgets - like a button to just call my husband from the home screen, or a button that turns the flashlight on.
  • Settings being so easy to toggle from the notifications umbrella without leaving the app you're in.
  • Google meshing is amazing, and I do love my google services.
  • Single sign on for all your services.
  • Battery life is sooooo phenomenal even with extensive use, compared with the iPhone 5.
  • The stylus, being able to draw, and handwriting recognition. Too cool.

Things that are okay/have adequate replacements on the Samsung:

- The native Gmail app is pretty good (also a Mailbox lover here) - Most "normal" apps (Kindle, Evernote, Instagram, Facebook, etc) are the same, if not better - I'm told there are good ways to sync Notes from the iPad - I haven't worked it out though

Things I hate / miss:

- Games. I just feel like the iPhone had better games that I can't find replacements for. Luckily I still have my iPad. - I hated the native messaging app, it was so ugly! So I now use an Android app called Chomp SMS app now to make it look a little cleaner and iPhone like - The iPhone is just so EASY to use - the Samsung is a magnificent phone, and better in so many ways. BUT, intuitive use is NOT one of those ways it reigns supreme. Totally learnable, but needs learning. I keep throwing minor tantrums at my phone about this, because I think it's so unnecessary. - TOO customizable. There, I said it - I don't think I WANT to be able to customize everything, I just want it to work. - I hate how photos are saved in multiple, random folders in the gallery. It's actually ridulous. - The power button is located directly opposite the volume buttons - if I try to toggle volume, I invariably "squeeze" the phone and end my call or make the screen sleep. Which makes me look and feel stupid.

I hope this helps those of you who have asked for my thoughts on it, it's what I could think of right now. As I keep telling people who ask me - the Samsung is a far superior phone, no question.

But would I recommend it?

Yes, if you're willing to put up with the above, are pretty tech-confident, and are excited by the thought of learning something new.


No, if you want a simple phone, if you're a senior or not confident with gadgets, or if you prefer things just WORK simply.

Having said that, if a future iPhone came out with all the Samsung's abilities though, I would quite probably switch back in a heartbeat!