turn on the wireless!

Another segment today on ABC 774 with Libbi Gorr! Whee! Yesterday was the 2nd day, and I felt a LOT more at ease and relaxed - we talked about Skype yesterday and it felt like it went a LOT quicker, and like I wasn't cringing with every 2nd word that came out of my mouth!

sharon pakir on abc 774 with libbi gorr - tech talk (skype)

Listening to the transcript has been super helpful. I say the word "absolutely" ALL too much in an effort to be DEE-LIGHTFUL on air - Elysia has threatened to start playing a drinking game if I don't curb my enthusiasm for it!

sharon pakir on abc 774 with libbi gorr on tech talk (skype)

Today we'll be talking about Facebook - what it is, how it's useful, how to get on it, and why you may want to be on it.

If you'd like to play Elysia's drinking game OR find out more about Facebook and its ease for those who are less technologically inclined, simply tune in to 774 around 2.10pm, or stream it live from the ABC website (complete with rather confronting webcam!)

Yesterday I wore my Bowerhaus goodies for a bit of good luck. I think it worked - I even got up the courage to make a Brad Pitt joke! Even if the webcam isn't THAT clear on screen, I like to believe that I should be semi-presentable, even if it IS radio!

sharon pakir wearing bowerhaus

Today I'm wearing more gorgeous gifted Bowerhaus jewellery for more luck, and hopefully I won't stutter or talk too fast. Wish me luck!