wedding inspiration

The wedding planning frenzy has died down a bit - everything major is pretty much booked or narrowed down - which means I can now focus on some of the more lighthearted elements off the 2 love festivals we are about to embark upon. Yes, festivals. I've organized way more complex and larger events than this but somehow, this has felt a bit crazier. Festivals of crazy. Slowly, as I trawl pinterest and various online sites, a visual pattern of the elements I would like are starting to emerge, and I thought I'd share a few things that have been inspiring me lately.

Bridesmaids in a varying pastel palette:


Simple flower decorations in jars:


Any kids in the bridal party belong in tutus:


A ring pillow that looks like my dream dance costume:


Will post again soon, i hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into some of the things occupying my thoughts about the wedding! I can only cross my fingers that it'll be as pretty as the images in my head!

You can see all the sources for the pics above as well as lots of other inspiration on my pinterest wedding board. :)