the big chop

So today I fulfilled one of my hair wishes. I don't know if I'm alone in this, but there's a few hairstyles I've always secretly lusted over but never had the guts to do. In my twenties, I experimented with MANY of these - blonde, hot pink, streaked hair, ultra short, corkscrew permed, blunt fringed, cleopatra style... But there was one cut I never got, and everytime I've seen another girl with it, I would get slightly wistful.. Today on a couple of recommendations, I popped into SAS Hairdressing which is just so near my house it's almost sinful. Terence was my hairdresser, and he seemed just lovely.

I asked for "just a trim", then as he discussed what he was going to do, I threw in a joke about how "i've always wanted a *******".

And he said, "that would look HOT".


So lovely Terence started snipping away, giving me JUST A TRIM, and a feeling in my belly kept growing fire.

All the thoughts kept running through my head.

I'm only young once.

I'm 30. When else am I ever going to do this?

It'll grow, it's just hair.

And when did I become that old fogey that was scared of cool haircuts anyway?

It's just awful, that I'm now old and boring.

Plus, I think it may just look alright.

But err... S may hate it.

Oh well. he'll live.

I'm only young once.

And I can totally still have cutting edge WHATEVER I WANT.

And it'll make me feel alive, and beautiful and...

And suddenly, I blurted out, I WANT IT. And Terence stared at me incredulously for a total of 5 seconds before going HELL YEAH, LET'S DO IT!

He was extremely patient and understood my slight panic, and went extremely slow with me - first demarcating what he was going to do, then executing it in stages.

And voila, here it is.

Sharon, in an undercut.


sharon pakir

sharon pakirsharon pakir

I've had mixed reactions to it - half of my friends ADORE it, and others are ambivalent. But the way I see it, I only live once, and you know, I actually REALLY like it! It FEELS nice (I keep stroking the undercut section a bit weirdly), it makes my hair sit across my forehead which is nice too, and I feel a bit spunky after almost a year of feeling in pain, dowdy, and not really living a whole life. And THAT feels nice. YAY!