birthday month update

My birthday MONTH is going swimmingly well from my last update about it - I'm feeling altogether EXTREMELY loved, and all the lovely celebrations are doing their duty of making me forget about the topsy turvy final year of my twenties, and focus on all the blessings and happiness I have in my life instead! Highlights of the birthday month so far:

Being utterly spoilt, as promised, by my wonderful man on the best holiday either of us have ever been on -you can read more about it here, here, and here for now, and there's more tales to come as I slowly sort through our million photos taken! The best thing about the trip was spending SO much time together - S and I never tire of each others company, and this trip just brought us even closer together and gave us the relaxing that we needed from a stressful and busy year!

stephen krygger and sharon pakir

Then there was the amazing few days in Singapore where I got to see my lovely dance partner's new business venture and be INCREDIBLY proud of him and his team, and have a long long catch up with Wei, one of my oldest friends, with whom time seems to stand still as we grow up in our lives together yet apart. I also got to spend some amazing quality time with my sister (whom I'm lucky enough to be besties with), my family, and especially, took my daddy swimming lots.

Then there's my beautiful extended family. I come from a large but close knit family and living away is sometimes painful - I miss out on all the birthdays, weddings, and celebrations that I most times find more fun than partying with my friends because we are truly just a fun-filled extravaganza every time! Well this time I got in a steamboat dinner with my cousins, and also, we had a little bit of a Pakir Party at our house to celebrate my birthday! YAY!

sharon pakir birthday party with family

It was just awesome, I felt like a little kid again, with my aunties and uncles and everyone singing and clapping along around me, and being asked to MAKE A WISH before blowing out the candles... PEOPLE, I have lived away from my family for 10 years now - it has been a long time since I've had a GOOD birthday cake with MAKING A WISH OR TWO!

sharon birthday cake

The GLEE is apparent! It was a truly swell moment and makes my heart glow with happiness.

Here's everyone who came:

family celebrating birthday dinner

It was a lovely night, and I was thoroughly spoiled with pressies I didn't expect, an Egyptian clad boyfriend (!!), members of my family from both my Indian and Chinese side, great food, and lots of laughter. WHEE!

As soon as I got back last week, I was blessed again to have my mummy visit me for the weekend, and ALSO just look after me and do those magical things that mummies do! She fed me, stocked my winter wardrobe, and we had a whale of a time just hanging for 2 straight days. Gotta treasure those moments with a great lady.

It's all been SO good that I've even not been feeling sad due to this awful chest infection I've got going. It's a mere trifling, with all this good cheer around me.

SO phase 2 of my birthday month is now beginning, with its Australian leg. We commence tonight with S taking me to the beautiful Cumulus Inc for dinner - we haven't been on a real dinner date for SO long and I'm mucho excited!

Thank you EVERYONE! You're making this the best coming of age ever!