easter noice-ness

Did you all have a nice Easter? I'd never celebrated Easter before so it was particularly wonderful to have Easter lunch with S's family, and also my dad who's here visiting from Singapore.

Evelyn (S's mum) put on a lavish spread, with 2 legs of lamb that fell off the bone, a slew of roast vegetables, and her absolutely famous cheesecake.

cheesecake time!

Ok, so it's not famous, but it seriously should be.

It was truly a lovely day, with lots of lounging about, plenty of laughter, and the kind of warmth only really great family days can bring.

kids watching some telly

krygger family

krygger men

Meanwhile, the womenfolk had fun too, giggling, sharing the latest goss, and bustling about.

I love this shot of S's mum and I, think it's the best one we've got. She's just a gorgeous, warm and loving mum figure and I'm so lucky to have been as welcomed by her as I have into her family. This photo I think really reflects how much affection we have for each other!

sharon pakir and evelyn krygger

And then don't forget whilst being able to spend Easter with my favourite man and his family,

stephen krygger

SORRY, I interrupted myself with his hotness.

But back to the sentence - ...I ALSO got to spend Easter with my first ever favourite man, and definitely the most loved man in my life.

sharon pakir and pakir singh

It was truly a double happiness moment!

Did you have a nice Easter too? How do you celebrate it?