proud parents

ok, hold up, relax. This isn't what you think. Yesterday, S and I became the proud parents of... an eggplant.

Yes, the very first eggplant we have harvested off our tree and grown from flower! Whoo hoo!

Back story: 3 months ago, when we were at the height of our gardening frenzy, I sighted this eggplant tree at Direct Plants, my favourite nursery. Chantal, the owner, assured me that they were easy to grow and would bear wonderful deep purple orbs of goodness.

purtill eggplant tree info sheet

Me, being a total garden newbie, decided WHY NOT, after all, I like eggplants, and I like useful plants even more. I also knew I had the perfect spot for it by the side of the house where S would NEVER notice it. Why was this important? Well, when we started clearing the jungle that was our garden for proper planting, I started getting superbly excited about veggie patches and growing my own fruit, but S disallowed it, citing veggie patches as ugly, and homegrown veggies and fruit as over-rated.

Of course, ME being ME, this made me crave the growing of the edibles EVEN MORE, after all when you tell me specifically NOT to do something, I want it even more. Ask my parents - my dad begged me for years not to take up that dancing rubbish even as a hobby, and now I own a dance school! HAHAHAHA!

So I started planting little pots of herbs - basil, coriander, thyme, and spring onions. And then gradually the pot collection in the sunny spot of the yard started growing, with tomatoes and a chilli plant, then a lemon and lime tree.

my herb pots

And he didn't even notice at ALL except to note I was giving some weird EXTRA care to certain parts of the garden. When I first handed him a freshly plucked tomato, he was INCREDULOUS that I had managed to do this all right in front of him. Sometimes I get frustrated that S doesn't notice new haircuts or dramatic changes in my look but this was one time I ADORED his lack of observation skills.

Slowly I added the eggplant tree, even successfully getting him to PLANT it for me in the ground without him realising its err, EDIBLE attributes! Ahh, the joy of feminine wiles!

Fast forward a couple of months and yesterday I harvested, exceedingly happily, our first eggplant from the tree, and it is huge, glossy deep purple, and almost perfect.

first eggplant tree harvest

For size reference, here it is next to our TV remote controls!


When S saw my facebook post about our eggplant, he proclaimed himself its proud father - so I guess that little quip has stuck, and I now can tell you all on the interwebz that we are proud parents, to our eggplant.

BOOYA, and hooray for novice gardeners!!!

(and yes, I have some idea of how annoying we will be as parents of young kids because I'm shoving our EGGPLANT news in your face. don't say I didn't warn you!)