melbourne latin festival

Last weekend was the Melbourne Latin Festival, and it was just a wonderful, wonderful weekend. Impressively organised, impeccably run, and most of all, OODLES of fun by all that attended. My school always makes an appearance, and this year was no exception! Firstly, I got to take part in some public relations fun leading up to the event! I taught the dance class at the festival's launch party at the gorgeous Tuscan Bar in Bourke St, and also got to partake in a really fun photo shoot:

photoshoot for melbourne latin festival for the northcote leader featuring Sharon Pakir and Alex Bryan


Plus, I was on National TV! Only for a brief moment! But STILL! We were on the 7pm Project (Channel 10)!

sharon pakir on channel 10's 7pm project for melbourne latin festival with spin city dance

That was just a whole lot of fun, particularly because my whole team got to get decked out in their finest costumes and dazzle the pants off everyone!! Here's the link to the video of us doing our thang, and hopefully razzle-dazzling the nation.

Look at my team, they are just stunners, the Spin City crew.

Spin City Dance filming for Channel Ten 7pm project (Sharon Pakir, Elysia Baker, Christie Mansfield, Sonia Starosta, Christian Szilagyi)

During the festival itself, we represented with 4 performances by my student and pro teams, and I also taught a couple of workshops (on2 Mambo and Cha Cha).

sharon pakir and spin city crew getting ready for performance at melbourne latin festival


The atmosphere in the dressing rooms is always electric at these events - 100 performers in a single cramped room, sharing mirror space and adrenaline running through their veins with pre-performance jitters!

backstage at melbourne latin festival


In case you were wondering, we really DO get primped and sparkly from head to toe. Uh huh, TOE.

sparkly latin dance shoes


This was the ready to get on stage team! My pro team (plus James, who kindly jumped into our routine at late notice!!) How gorgeous are they - I'm so lucky to have them represent me!

spin city dance pro team at melbourne latin festival


Each night, after a couple of hours of jaw dropping performances featuring sizzling style, we then adjourned to a social dancing room with live bands, electric atmosphere, lots of latin flavour, and some amazing dancing!

cuban performance at melbourne latin festival


Want to see what it was like? The very talented Jean-Luc made a wonderful video that in just 4 minutes, accurately captures the fun, the wonder, and the sheer delight that was the festival. You can view it here.

(PS, I feature in part of it, look out for my bright coral top and slicked back hair!)

And, if you're upset for missing out, you can always remember to book in for next year (it's an annual event) - it's SO well worth it and it's a real feather in our cap to have an incredible event like this right here in Melbourne, featuring world class dancers and great entertainment!

What I do adore about my life is that I get to be such an integral part of all these festivals, and really feel every moment and aspect of it. They leave me exhausted (and recently, SO SORE), but oh my, how lucky am I, to be able to do what I love and experience these amazing weekends at least 8-10 times a year, and in different states and countries.


*happy sighs*