habits to quell the ailments

Hello everyone, you'll have to excuse me for the few days of radio silence - I went and probably OVERDID the fun at the Adelaide Salsa Festival, and have now come up with a chest infection! BOO! Adelaide was all kinds of happy as a trip, and whilst I'm still glowing about it all, I am pretty miserable what with a whoopy cough, wheezy asthma breath, and perpetual tiredness - LIKE my back injury isn't enough to keep me occupied!

When I'm sick, I'm a BAD patient who is whiney and generally sad about my discomfort. I need lots of loving and looking after, because I get so damn homesick for Singapore and family. The thing is, with S at work all day, my caretaker is ME. Do you have any rituals for when you fall sick? I sure do - living away from home for 10 years makes you invent all these steps-to-good-health, and even if they're not REAL remedies, they sure do the job of curing the emotional sicky-poo feelings.

Firstly, I get out the Brands Essence of Chicken. I used to hate it when my mum made me take this as a kid, but now I almost gleefully down it precisely because it reminds me of when mum forced it upon me. If I'm feeling like a sweet treat, I'll have some Birds Nest drink with ginseng.

I also get out my usually-hidden stash of vitamins - my mum is the queen vitamin pusher of the world, and when I'm sick, I call her to whine and ask for advice on what to do. Every single time, she tells me to get the vitamins out, and then the conversation goes like this:

"Shan, you want to take the Vitamin C with Acerola, and also Vitamin B for your joints. Don't forget glucosamine and fish oils for your back and OH don't take painkillers, those are so bad for you. Shan? Are you there? Why can't I hear you opening the bottles? Open the bottles now! Β I want to hear you take them right now! YES, whilst I'm on the phone with you! Pour your water. Why can't I hear you pouring the water and swallowing??? Shan????"

The hilarious thing is, my mum is the RELAXED parent. And people wonder where I get my control issews from.


When I'm sick, I need Milo, made Singapore coffee shop style with hot water, like a hot chocolate. (An aside for my Singapore readers - here in Oz, people sprinkle milo powder over cold milk, and that's how they have it. Yes, I know, it's horrifying). One of my favourite things was when my mummy would take time out of her busy schedule to make me a milo herself and bring it to my room.


Then, I need comfort foods - noodles, and congee. I'm not fussy about the kind of noodles I eat, even instant is fine. It's more for the soft squidgy mouthfeel and comforting taste of soy sauce and a fried egg on top. If I'm having a head cold, I want SPICY noodles to clear my sinuses. Congee generally gets simmered all afternoon and forms a fabulous sick-day dinner.

Do you have any sick remedies that are comforting to you? Share them here - I may just give them a try, I'm feeling that wretched!