post epidural madness

Hello, world! It is now day 4 after the unpleasantness, and here's how it goes so far. The whole point of the epidural was so that I could have about 2 weeks of pain relief from my back injuries, and basically use the time to kick-start some strengthening and repair.

Yesterday I woke up with no pain, and let me tell you, it was the weirdest but most fantastic feeling ever. My body felt light, I felt motivated, and there was a massive smile on my face. I decided to start my day by cleaning the entire house (woohoo!) then went to the pool. I managed to swim more than I ever have since this injury - usually I average about 8 laps of a 25m pool (hey! I'm INJURED), but yesterday I pushed through to 12 laps.

It felt incredible, accomplishing and all, but I thought I was going to pass out - my body isn't used to being actually pushed in any physical way anymore!

Of course, after doing that, I had to have a very quiet afternoon, then a little dinner in for a couple of my girlfriends. It was frustrating that by evening, some pain had returned - that little glimmering window of amazing pain-free was like an apparition that never happened.


Today's good - I'm sore but not in PAIN. I'm about to head to the pool again. Want to try for 10 laps today, I think 12 was pushing it a bit far. Especially because I'm doing some dance coaching tonight. I am so going to miss this 2 weeks of NO PAIN. I don't want to be there from the emotional fall out when it comes back, let me tell you that!

I'm not a great swimmer. I can swim, but I don't love it - partly because I don't like being cold and wet, and partly because it just doesn't feel like dancing. Uh uh, yeah. And, when I try to do the crawl, it feels like I'm flailing around rather than smoothly traversing through the water. Add in about 10 years of swimming max once a year, plus a body that's been largely immobile for 7 months, and zero fitness, and you have me:

swimming skills


Still, my goals this next fortnight are to: get to the pool every day (except the days I have physio/pilates), and try and establish some kind of routine around smelling like chlorine and hanging with the other, lovely, elderly, mid-day swimmers at my pool. I really need to get some semblance of fitness back and it's really the only low impact way to do it. Plus, I've found a pool that caters to older people, which means it's heated to almost 32 degrees. No complaining!

S also sat me down late last night to have a serious talk about boundaries - he doesn't want me pushing ahead too far and too fast, and rupture more things in ol' Mr Spine. I've never been good with boundaries though, so this next 10 days or so ahead is going to be a bit of a challenge for myself. Wish me luck, the week is about to get TESTED!