5 happy things

1. Wearing a piece of history These earrings, my mummy wore when she was my age. Years later, they are just as on point fashion-wise, but more importantly, go with most things, are light and dangly, and make me feel incredibly close to her whenever I've got them on.

vintage earrings

Every time I pick these earrings for an outfit, it's like a thread connects us over the oceans and through time, and since my mum is the woman I look up most to in life, it's a wondrous feeling.

2. Fresh flowers from my garden

Yup, a happy 10 minutes spent sitting on my front garden's brick steps, basking in the sun and gently clipping an array of pink rose buds to line my window sill with. As the days have gone by, they've bloomed and created a vibrant splash of colour in my kitchen.

fresh pink rosebuds

I'd been looking around for some bud vases but haven't found any that I like in stores. Then I found some little-used shot glasses in our bar, and repurposed them instead! Tiny glasses of delight, without the alcohol content!

3. New shoes

It's no secret that I'm slightly shoe-obsessed, and my latest pair is a strong reminder for me to get better soon, because my high heels are missing me badly. Or I'm missing them. NAH, I'm sure it's them missing me.

nine west green suede wedge heel shoes

This pair is particularly comfortable and I can already wear them for short periods, the stacked wedge heel makes them super stable, and I love the deep rich greeeeeeeen. Plus, you can't go wrong with suede. Unless it rains. BEGONE EVIL RAIN GODS!

4. Being cooked for by my love

I've now lived away from home for 10 years, and none of my family live here. To have a home-cooked meal prepared for me is the ultimate luxury, better yet, to receive a home-cooked meal in my own home is downright incredible. As this household's primary cook, imagine my surprise when S offered to make me dinner - and have it turn out amazingly delicious!

sauteing bacon & mushroom

My auntie has a theory about "cooking from love" - which is that food tastes ultimately better when it is prepared for someone from the heart, and I truly believe it. As I lolled about on the couch being useless, S bustled around the kitchen whipping up the lightest, most delectable creamy pasta I'd had. I felt so adored as he served it up to me, and the smile on his face when he saw I'd finished my entire bowl (very rare) was lovely too.

5. Driving around with S

I love being a passenger in S's car - we talk a lot, share anecdotes, and often have our best conversations in the car.

hand holding in car

I love that we drive around, my hand in his, sharing deeply whilst traveling to our next destination, the perfect metaphor for our life together. It's perfection.

Do you have a list of 5 happy things that make you joyous in a simple way? What are they?