yes, she's alive!

I'm SO sorry people. I have WANTED to blog so badly, but life has just been slaughtering me on a daily basis (in a GOOD, TERRIBLY BUSY BUT AWESOMELY SO) way. I will post, but for now, a few photos of some things that have been occupying my time oh so happily. sharon pakir alex bryan sidney myer music bowl tito puente jr concert

JCPhotography - 16 Spincitydance at sydney salsa congress choreo by sharon pakir - 100

JCPhotography - 21 Spin City VIC - 1771 - sydney salsa congress -choreo by sharon pakir

JCPhotography - 07 Sharon & Tze - 025 - sharon pakir and zee at sydney salsa congress

And as if all the dancing wasn't enough, I went home to Singapore and...

Feasted, Chinese New Year style:

celebrating with family

Spent a HEAP of time with my wonderful, beautiful family, with late night cackles between my brother, sister and I, and long chats between the women of the clan...

family time

And of course, one of my utmost happy things to do when I'm home... drive around, holding my daddy's hand. It was the other way around when I was a kid, and now I'm always grateful I can return the favour.

driving with daddy

I've been SO incredibly blessed this last 2 weeks, and able to live life so fully. I'll be blogging all of it, just have a million photos to sort through. But looking at the richness that has occurred above (sans mansion, Pa declined the requests), can you blame me for not blogging? It's been a wonder to have just lived it all!