for your viewing pleasure...

I'm SOOOOO sorry I've been AWOL for the last 5 days, but you have to understand, I was crazy busy at the Sydney Salsa Congress, dancing, performing and teaching, and it was madness. I will post tonight, I promise, but for now you'll just have to satisfy yourself with the visual spoils from the weekend: First up, some video goodness. All choreographed by me (and Zee for the last one of course), and all worked on whilst I was going through all that back injury stuff, so I'm more than proud and elated for my teams for nailing them!

The Spin City Dance James Bond Student Team performing at the Sydney Salsa Congress:

The Spin City Dance Pro Team debuted their brand new Sugar Plum Fairy routine:

And I managed to perform with Zee, my beautiful dance partner from Singapore, after 6 months of no training, and in particular, zero training with him (he lives in Singapore). In fact on stage was the first time we'd done it fully to music since... 6 months ago. It wasn't perfect, but hell, we are really happy with it.

Also, if you want to see the fun and hijinks we got up to,  click here for photos!

You likey? Let me know! :)