never too old to become young

As I keep saying, this year's Christmas was exceedingly special - not only was it a "proper" Christmas, complete with decorations, great food, a special family, and wonderful bounty! S also made it ultra special - by getting me not one, but 2 gifts - a pretty trinket, and then a practical one too. The delivery was incredibly gorgeous - he wouldn't let me out of bed until it was posed on the deck, he covered my eyes as I walked down the stairs, and then turned me around a few times to disorient me before allowing my first peek. And with a shriek of delight, here we have it! Sharon pakir bicycle

Ages ago, I'd mentioned that I wanted a bicycle to S, and he said that when we lived together in a house where there were safe streets to ride on, I'd get one. Imagine my surprise that he remembered this passing conversation from over a year ago, and went to get me one for Christmas!

I'd told him I wanted a cute vintage cruiser, but he didn't get me one of those (too few gears) - instead, he tried to make sure it was the same-ish shape, had great functionality (21 gears!!) and we're going this weekend to get me some cute accessories (a basket on the front, some tassels, maybe some spokey-dokeys even!!). So excited. AWESOME gift!

Clearly, I missed out on Christmas in my youth because this has made me feel like a 9 year old with a new shiny bike!!

PS - no, you will never see pictures of me in the helmet. God, they're ugly things.