2011 wall calendar

This year for Christmas, I decided to give my close girlfriends something I'd made. Crafts, however, evade me generally, and I don't really have the baking knack pat down. So I got my mouse clicking hand stretched and ready, and made this little calendar instead. I'm not a designer, I just wanted to make something cute for the girls that would shout "YOU LOVE SHARON" everytime they gazed on it on their walls. :)

The months are spelt badly on purpose - the girls always make fun of my accent, so I thought I'd remind them all the time of its cuteness and originality. Ha.

2011 wall calendar

It is being printed as we speak, on A1 size paper, and with any luck, will turn out well. I won't see most of the girls before Christmas but will give it to them to mount before New Years, and if I'm really organised, even rolled up and tied with pretty ribbon to boot.

If you like it, you can download it here, for free. I'm just feeling Christmassy and nice like that:

2011 Wall Calendar