whimsy shopping

You know what makes me happy? Retailers that allow people to dramatically improve their life/confidence/aesthetic without breaking the bank. Retailers that make it easy for you to waltz in, purchase something, and know that the item will withstand the test of time and make you happy all in the one. These retailers "get it". They get that consumers want a great product that is well priced, that has great usability, that is fuss free, and classic. I love going into any of the store below, because I know I'm going to walk out with something good, and that I'll still love it in a year or 2.

In the last week, these are the stores that I've particularly silently thanked.

Thank you, IKEA, for having tea towels that are durable, pretty, and cheap enough to replace in one fell swoop on a whim. They've brightened up my kitchen immensely!


Thank you, Zara, for 5 years ago stocking this dress that was cheap enough to buy on a whim, but lovely enough to be what I call my "wedding dress" - the perfect dress that is formal enough for most weddings, and voluminous & roomy enough to wear flats, eat lots, and enjoy the wedding of a good friend without being fraught with pain!

zara dress for wedding

Thank you, my darling man, for being so caring this last 5 months, for ensuring I enjoy these events and being attentive in monitoring my pain levels so I'm never left in a heap at the end. It helps too, that you're so handsome. Thank you, Satch, for selling suits that make my man good-lookin'.

s looking handsome in his satch suit

These 3 retailers, mainstream as they may be, are some of my simple fallbacks when I want something that will work, won't kill me financially, and will make me feel happier with the world. I'm sure everyone has their happy stores, what are yours?