a dreamy day

Imagine meeting the love of your life in an unassuming way, having him fall right back in love with you, eventually proposing, and then having a wedding that celebrates that wonderment... wedding decorations - liz & matt

Imagine having the most stunning daughter imaginable - a girl who is incredibly loved by her friends for her smile that lights up a room, a heart that keeps giving, soothing and supporting, and a wit that keeps us in giggles - and the immense pride you'd feel walking her through a room of the people that adore her.

walking down the aisle - wedding photo

Imagine walking into a room - your beloved parents on either arm, gorgeous husband-to-be ahead of you, a room filled with anticipation and joy for the ceremony about to commence.

walking down the aisle = wedding shot

As you walk in, rays of sun light up your beaming smile, and reflect the joy around you on your special day.

walking down the aisle with mum

Imagine gazing into your love's eyes, as a celebrant commits you to your vows, of being by each other's side no matter what, and meaning it with all your heart.

wedding ceremony

To commemorate the significance of this day, each of your mum's present a reading about love and marriage, that moves you and many of the audience to tears.

the reading - weddingthe reading pt 2 - wedding

Imagine the atmosphere in the room - thick with emotion, swelling with happiness, and ready to celebrate this wonderful day of love. Bubbles and excited chatter fill the air.


There is a lot of post-ceremony gushing. And bubble blowing.

wedding 1

The happiness is palpable.

wedding 2

There are hugs and congratulations galore.

wedding celebration

And more hugs.

wedding 3

In and amongst all the hugs, imaging peeking over to check your husband out. Oh yeah baby, there he stands, still as handsome as ever. Actually, you are unsure if he has ever been as handsome as he is today.

handsome groom

(Editors note: when us girlfriends first met Matt, he'd walked straight into a dinner party. Us girls may or may not have all rushed into the kitchen and squealed and swooned.)

Imagine the energy in the room - your favourite people all in one place, celebrating it with you.

wedding joy

Imagine having the best bridesmaids in the world, who coordinated a wonderful wedding all whilst looking smashing.


Imagine the anticipation of being presented, for the first time ever, Mr & Mrs.

wedding couple

happily walking into wedding

And feeling like nothing ever felt this right.

presented at wedding

One of my closest girlfriends got married a couple of weeks ago, and I was privileged to be able to have celebrated it with her. Her story is truly one that is incredible, one of finding the man of her dreams in the digital age, of meeting someone that made her feel complete, happy, and like it was meant to be. Of course, being a crazy lady and armed with my trusty Sony camera, I ran around taking photos of moments that I hope she'll be able to smile at for years to come.

Liz and Matt are as much a beautiful couple as they look - and this day was a celebration of how wonderful they are for each other.

liz and matt wedding

I know that they'll be able to smile together through anything, even when things go slightly awry as life sometimes does. Oh you know, for example when the sound of many many wine bottles clanging and smashing on the ground happens on a day that's meant to go smoothly!

uh oh moment

A gorgeous wedding day that made all us girls swoon, all the men smile charmingly, and gave us something to dream about as well. And best of all? It ended like all the Disney princess cartoons though - with a picture perfect kiss!

wedding kiss 1

Congratulations Liz & Matt - here's to a lifetime of happiness for two people that so rightfully deserve it. xoxo