proud gardeneress!

Well. Clearly I'm doing something right, or the conditions in my house are just THAT conducive to plantlife. Everything I have is flourishing wildly! See these succulents below - it's been a month and they're already out-growing their container. I've never ACTUALLY had much luck with succulents (pathetic, right?!) and this is just unprecedented for me!

succulent pot plant

I hear you scoff. Yes, I know succulents are mean to be idiot proof. But look! Even my garden is turning vibrant colours:

mini rose-like shrubs

And the ultimate win is this - Anita bought me this plant 2 years ago, and told me it was idiot proof. Clearly, she lied, I hadn't been able to get it to flower beyond a few pathetic sprinkles here and there. UNTIL NOW! I've now managed to position it in a part of my house that evidently has the perfect growing conditions for it - and LOOK! It's also grown about 3/4 inch taller - something it hasn't done in the 2 years I've owned it.

flowering pot plant

I know this has been a boring post for those of you not plant inclined - but this, for me, is an achievement of huge proportions. I'd never gardened in my life, and until 2 months ago, lived in an apartment and was RENOWN for having black thumbs. I can't tell you how many plants I've err... damaged. Whether it has been my learning of how plants work, happy coincidence in conditions in my house, or simply more care-factor on my part, I don't care. It's gratifying and wonderful.