yes, it sucks

I almost can't believe I'm typing this post. Believe me, I've googled it. And unfortunately, even the google ninja gods can't help me, so I'm relying on you, kind blog readers. My question: Where do you store your vacuum cleaner?

In my apartment, I had a 3rd toilet that I used as a storeroom for such odds and ends (who seriously needs a 3rd toilet in an apartment?!). The door would shut and it was like its ugly innards didn't exist. In our new home, we have a huge laundry room, and bless us, we know we're lucky for it. But a vacuum cleaner is a beastly thing even when not in full growl mode, and we don't really have any nooks or cupboards suitable for storing the unwieldy plastic monster. It sit on our laundry room floor, like a giant red splodge mocking me in its ugliness. Additionally, our laundry sits right off our open plan loungeroom, which means visitors can SEE Mr Vacuum just layin in the sun on the tiles in there. Ugly.

I googled "How to store vacuum cleaner" and "Where to store vacuum cleaner" but got lots of links to stores that sold vacuum cleaners. I also found some wirey vacuum cleaner holder contraptions for the back of your door which look like you could get killed trying to coil all the parts of the vacuum on it.

I also googled "Where to keep vacuum cleaner" but evidently, no one has discussed this before me, but plenty of people have discussed how to clean and care for your vacuum cleaner before putting it away.

In fact, one article even provided detailed methods of daily, long term care for your device, such as periodically inserting a broom handle into the shaft of the vacuum to check for blockages, wiping it down before putting it away, and even wiping down its inside to prevent mildew. I mean, that is a pretty loving article towards any vacuum cleaner. S would have to be pretty damn cute to get that daily treatment, let alone my vacuum cleaner!

So, my question is simple, where are these vacuum cleaner lovers STORING the damn things? To write so lovingly about the care of a vacuum, why don't they care about what us mere human-lovers may do by leaving a vacuum in the dank and cold? Why is there no guide about an appropriate temperature range or dampness index to prevent my vacuum cleaner from going bad like a bottle of wine treated badly?

I feel a bit lost and alone here. Can someone help? Is there meant to be a "place" that everyone knows the vacuum goes to, or is it destined to sit on my laundry room floor, a receptacle specially for sucking up debris AND tripping us over every so often?

Tell me. Where do YOU store your vacuum cleaner? And since we're on the topic, do you wipe it down before storing it? (Seriously?!)