luxury, how i love thee

The first night that S and I arrived in Kuala Lumpur, we were tired, grumpy and altogether not very happy travellers. He had a migraine, I had back pain, and the Aerotrains at KL Airport weren't working, which meant a cramped, jostle-y bus ride from the plane to the arrivals hall. By the time we arrived at the Ritz-Carlton, we were more than clamouring to just be given a room, any room, where we could shed our bags and collapse into bed. Upon checking in though, we were told there was a "slight problem with our room". We had to wait, dejected, in the lobby, for about 15 minutes, me very grumbly and S in disappointed silence, nursing his aching head. A sorry sight we were, huddled miserably and altogether a weary sight in the grand lobby of this plush hotel!

Imagine our surprise when the lovely front desk staff announced to us that we'd been upgraded! To a suite! My ears pricked up - now that's the language I like to hear! Slightly happier, we were escorted by her to our room, eager to see our certainly undeserved upgraded suite. Our lovely guide opened the door, and we saw this:

Ritz Carlton Hotel Kuala Lumpur Residential Suite

Err, it was... massive. See that couch set at the end?

This is what it was, close up:

Ritz Carlton KL Lounge room

We almost needed binoculars for viewing them from the front door.

Jaws agape, we asked where the bedroom was.

"Bedroom?" she asked, bemusedly, and took us to the corridor, a vast hallway that almost required a vehicle to transport you down.

Ritz Carlton KL

"This is a 3 bedroom suite!" A three. Bedroom. Suite. For the 2 of us. Uh huh. You heard us right!

Now gleeful, with all pains, aches and tiredness forgotten, we went exploring.

Bedroom #1:

Ritz Carlton KL 3 bedroom suite

Bedroom & Bathroom #2:

ritz carlton kl

ritz carlton hotel KL luxury bathroom

And of course, the gorgeous gorgeous luxurious would-ve-been-plenty-by-itself master bedroom:

ritz carlton kuala lumpur king bedroom

ritz carlton kl walk in wardrobe

ritz carlton kl bathroom

Plus there were the special "extra" rooms like the kitchen:

ritz carlton kl kitchen suite

And the study/office/lounging whilst drinking whisky room:

ritz carlton kuala lumpur study

ritz carlton kuala lumpur lounge area

It was incredible, and like we were living on the penthouse hotel room out of the scene in Pretty Woman. Now we know how rich people live! What an amazing opportunity! The entire place was 3 times the size of my apartment back in Melbourne, and it was all ours for three glorious days. Plus, we had an amazing team of staff tending to our every need right until after checkout.

All this upgrade hullabaloo was, I think, due to the fact that S had requested a king-sized bed and they couldn't provide us a room with one, as they were fully booked. Hence, to keep us happy, they upgraded us to a suite that cost 8 times more than the rate that S paid! This level of service is simply unmatched anywhere I have ever been, and we were the happiest customers ever.

Planning a trip to KL? Stay at the Ritz. Not only is their service impeccable at the front desk, but throughout your stay, you'll feel like royalty and like its truly your (indescribably luxurious) second home. It's extremely central and located in the heart of KL's great shopping district, and is surrounded by great food and bars! Go. STAY THERE. Trust me on this. But don't blame me if you don't get upgraded to a residence suite! :)

stay at ritz carlton kl