singapore, days 1 & 2

Hello peoples from the land of my home! Yes, I'm in sunny Singapore! The trip started memorably, but not quite in the way I expected. Mum had kindly upgraded me to Business Class so that I'd be more comfortable with my back injury on the trip - needless to say, this lil chicky thought that the trip would be full of classiness and style. WELL, Sharon does NOT disappoint my friends, because classiness and style do not seemingly, as I have discovered, go hand in hand with the unpredictable back pain. And rather than try to tell the story to you, I thought it would be more fun to make it like a picture tale, you know, what with each on being a thousand words and all. So, we start with the ultimate classiness:

laying in business class lounge, singapore airlines

bollinger champagne in business class

magazine clipping jewellery

None of it worked, even the shame of laying down of the floor of the lounge couldn't quite chase Mr Pain away. S made a salient point that I was probably the only person in the world who had ever spent a flight crying from being not-comfortable-enough in Business Class. Huff.

The trip has otherwise commenced gorgeously, with all the happiness associated with seeing friends and loved ones, the cocoon like atmosphere of being ensconced in family, the relied of no longer having to be strong because you're home. Having such a serious injury has been so draining, so debilitating, and so utterly depressing, and being home has been the perfect antidote.

Plus, the ultimate bonus - having a gorgeous boyfriend who knows that 3 months of being in bed, in pain, in an awful state = time for a long overdue DATE. I hadn't really, up to now, been able to withstand a whole night out without it ending in tears, but I thought I was ready. And date night it was - it started with the popping of some painkillers and me jumping into a taxi to meet my precious man.

sharon pakir in singapore

wine connection singapore date

Oh, what? Did I say a BOTTLE of pre-dinner champers? For explanation, please see pain management photo up above, back in the flying section.

We had reservations at a gorgeous restaurant recommended by Chiewmei of Hungry Go Where. The restaurant was called Sage.

Sage Restaurant, Singapore

A lovely little fine dining restaurant on Mohamed Sultan Rd, we enjoyed dinner immensely. Actually, I don't think immensely is the word for it when you have spent the entire time making little noises of ecstasy with each mouthful, when you squeal with delight as each course gets placed before you, when you feel like the explosions of tastes in your mouth are akin to watching the fireworks that go off, flower out, then the petals explode themselves, creating an orgy of sparkly goodness.

entree at sage

happy couple - sharon pakir at sage with S

Of course, it didn't hurt that we spent the entire dinner date gazing into each others eyes and catching up on 3 months of date nights via sweet nothings, wonderful conversation and plenty of across the table hand-holding!

Post dinner, we headed to Haagen Daaz and bought a pint of Cookies and Cream ice cream which we may or may not have eaten ALL OF AT ONCE, then enjoyed a romantic hand-held walk back to the luxurious Shangri-La hotel, where lucky me got to spend the night with S!!

shangri-la singapore

All in all, the trip has started exceedingly well, with me feeling extremely loved by a man I adore, plus by the family whom I hold so dearly to me. More updates very soon folks... Wish me plenty of rest, lots of fun and ultimately, a trip that heals my aching soul from not being able to dance.