halloween salsa!

So, how was everyone's Halloween? We had a salsa party last night at my dance school, and despite Melbourne's decrepit weather (a month of rain in a day!!!), and rather gratifyingly, quite a few people got dressed up and rocked up for it! There were a couple of moments - like the guy who followed Alison and I down the street trying to convince us to let him speak to us (in the rain!), leaving me unwilling to walk across the road unattended thereafter. And watching our students so sportingly do their performances in their halloween outfits (MC Hammer danced with a witch, Fabio with a carrot, etc etc) was just sooooo much fun! Plus having a packed Zouk class and a boogaloo where everyone got right into it... It was all very soul-warming to be back at the studio for one of these cosy events we hold, even if I had to leave early.

A couple of cute pictures from the night:

Halloween Salsa Party - pirate & astronaut

halloween salsa party

The rest are going up on the Spin City Facebook page, so stay tuned!