simple pleasures

I was looking through my iphone and giggling to myself about my penchant for taking seemingly random and inane shots of things, stuff, happenings. If you were to take my phone and go through the picture gallery, it would seem to you that I liked taking pictures of inanimate objects. I do, but only because on afternoons such as this when I need a pick-me-up, I look through and am reminded of life's exceedingly simple pleasures, moments that lend so much joy to your life in the most basic of ways. Simple pleasures.

Waking up to a fresh fruit smoothie in the mornings.

Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Watching my mini jungle grow with utter pride.

potted apartment plants

Bread, Meat, Cheese lunches with colleagues.

bread, cured meat, cheese

Surprise birthday flowers from my amazing dance team.

gorgeous flowers in a vase

Post dinner-date coffee and nibbles at the exquisite Langham Hotel, to the tunes of wonderful jazz music and excellent company! ย  :)

Langham Hotel

Langham Hotel 2