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Sharon Pakir is a business, technology and personal development coach. 

With a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and a Masters in Business and IT, Sharon has worked as a corporate trainer and success coach for over 8 years.

Sharon is also one of Australia’s best latin dancers, and has come 2nd in the world at the World Latin Dance Cup, Miami 2014. She has also placed top in both the Australian Salsa Championships and the Asian Salsa Championships.

She is also a successful entrepreneur - in addition to her success coaching consultancy, she is also the director of one of Australia’s premiere latin dance schools.

An experienced coach, Sharon has trained thousands of adults with previous knowledge to become advanced in the fields they have been coached in, and achieving heights such as public speaking in front of large audiences, performing for international festivals, and often themselves becoming coaches and trainers. Her specialty is in transforming subject matter experts into in-house knowledge sharers.

Articulate and a gifted public speaker, Sharon is also a highly competent facilitator and workshop leader. Passionate about building capability in teams, organisations and individuals, Sharon provides services that are unique, and drive excellence. Astute and knowledgeable about human relationships, Sharon's coaching spans a wide range of topics, and never fails to impact participants deeply.

Engaging, witty and charismatic, Sharon is comfortable with audiences from 2 to 200.

Sharon is passionate about developing people, and can help achieve desired learning outcomes and inspire growth in people by allowing in depth discussion, providing guidance in difficult conversations, and planning unique activities that ultimately achieve awareness and understanding in teams.

Contact Sharon to tailor a short or long term program of building excellence in your teams.



Sharon Pakir. Photo courtesy of Dynamic Photography by Daniel Sceberras 

Sharon Pakir. Photo courtesy of Dynamic Photography by Daniel Sceberras